Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Black Pearl

The Oldest Question ...

'Mission to the Unknown"

Feature article on:
Radio Times magazine
Issue date: Thursday October 7th, 1965

(The episode aired on Saturday 9th)

'A Fresh Start' [or: 'Scrap Merchant 76']


tɒtə )

Noun (archaic):

A 'rag and bone man'.
A person who makes a living by salvaging usable or saleable items from dustbins or rubbish heaps
To collect junk or scrap.


Late 19th century:

From tot – slang for bone

Thursday, 24 April 2014

South P...

Alternate Who ...

An alternate universe - but one where Pond is still
married to someone in the medical profession.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Boscombe TARDIS

The first new 'Doctor Who style' Police Box to be brought into use in England, since the one placed outside Earls Court tube station in the mid 1990s, has been unveiled at the shopping precinct in Boscombe, Dorset.

The Box will be regularly staffed during day-time hours by police officers and police community support officers, who can be approached for advice and support by members of the public.

The two-tonne Box, (based on, but not identical to, the original 'MacKenzie Trench' design) is the creation of architect James Roberts of Anders Roberts and Associates.

It has a yellow phone so people can contact police when the box isn’t manned.

Unlike the original concrete boxes, this one is a steel-frame structure.