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Bradley ... Who?

After many weeks of rumours, the BBC have confirmed that
Bradley Walsh will be one of three new cast members.
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Bradley is, of course, no stranger to the Whoniverse ...

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The Doctor, his Wife, and the Pantomime:

In 1982, Peter Davison played Buttons (opposite his wife, Sandra Dickinson, as the Fairy Godmother)
in a production of Cinderella at the Assembly Hall Theatre, Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Anthony Ainley also appeared, as Baron Hardup.

It was written and produced by John Nathan-Turner.

On the 21st December 1982, Peter and Sandra appeared on the
Russell Harty 'Christmas Party' show to promote the Panto.

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What might have been ...


So, back in 1999 in his first Doctor Who script:
The Curse of Fatal Death
- albeit a spoof for the Children in Need charity -
Steven Moffat introduced the world to a female 13th incarnation of the Doctor - played by the wonderful Joanna Lumley. 

And it seems that, for a while at least, Joanna had also been in the running to become the 7th Doctor – though this time, not in the Comic Relief spoof, but rather, in the actual series itself:

[by Anne Caborn. Daily Express 20th December 1986]

It's amazing what can happen to that seasoned time traveller Dr Who.
On his next excursion among the heavenly bodies he may actually turn into one... and become Dr Her.
And Joanna Lumley is materialising as one of the stars who could take a journey into space. So far 25 actors — including two women — have staked a claim to replace deposed Cohn Baker as the next Time Lord.
And when casting starts in the New Year, the show's producer John Nathan-Turner says there is no reason why Dr Who shouldn't be a Dr Her.
"I think from what we know about Time Lords that it's perfectly feasible," he said.
The BBC is refusing to say who the women applicants are, but Joanna, Victoria Wood and Jill Gascoigne are all strong possibilities. ….

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Meanwhile, in the Marvel Universe ...

TONY: "Pepper, have you done something different with your hair?"

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Second Class ...


"... a former Vestal Virgin, second class. ...
yeah, it's a long story... "

The War Doctor Years ...