Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Whovian's Daughter

( Apparently the conversation went something like this: )


Yes Suzy dear?

Daddy's favourite TV programme's called: Doctor Who – right?

Yes dear.

But Daddy says the man with the blue box isn't called: 'Doctor Who', he's called: 'The Doctor'.

Yes dear?

Well if the man is: The Doctor and the programme is about him, why isn't the programme also called: 'The Doctor' then?

I think because Doctor Who is a question.

But Mummy, where's the question mark?


My teacher told me that you can tell when something is a question because it has a question mark after it.

Um …

And Mummy?

Yes dear?

Daddy said people who really, really like the programme call themselves ... Whoov... Whovi...

It's Whovians, dear.

Yes, Whovians, that's it. Well, Mummy, if the man in the programme is: the Doctor, and not: Doctor Who, why do the call themselves Whovians? Why don't they call themselves: Doctorians?


Yes Mummy?

Why don't you go ask Daddy?

I did.

Oh, so why are you asking me then?

Because Daddy's not speaking to me.

Why ever not, dear?

Well, remember how Tommy scribbled writing on Daddy's picture of that nice Sara-Jane woman, and Daddy was really annoyed?

Yes, dear?

Well I thought Tommy had been scribbling on things again, so I cleaned it off before Daddy saw it and got annoyed again. It was on those … those torch-like things ...

You mean Daddy's sonic screwdrivers?

Yes,sonic screwdrivers. I cleaned them all – there were scribbles on all four of them, but Daddy still got upset – said Tommy hadn't scribbled on them at all.
Mummy, what are 'autographs' – and who are Paul and Christopher and David and Matt?



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